Node Editor in Python Tutorial Series - FAQ

Published: March 20, 2019, 9:30 p.m.   #Python #Tools #GameDev #PyQt5 #Node Editor


Here are some most common questions and answers about Node Editor Tutorial Series in Python and PyQt5. Feel free to ask questions on my YouTube channel below the videos and I will be glad to answer them as soon as possible :).


Who is the tutorial series aimed for?

I think it can be really beneficial for bunch of people out there, especially if you are struggling with raising your programming skills to a bit higher level. We will cover bunch of programming topics and have a look at common intermediate programmer tasks like serialization, refactoring, maintaining library and architecture.


What do I need to start with the tutorials?

You should have at least basic knowledge of Python programming language. Basics about Python are well covered by plenty of other tutorials on youtube already, therefore this series will focus on something little different ;). Python is free for use, so will be these tutorials. All you need is your time and will to learn something new.


I am using PySide and app freezes. What is happening?

We have noticed that when some methods which are supposed to be overriden are not, PySide freezes. Try to (temporarily) switch to PyQt5 and you will see the errors displayed in console.


I have cloned the gitlab repository before 2019/08/04 and now the remote is gone?

I am sorry about this inconvinient change, the previous path to the repository was:

and it has been changed to:

To easy fix your local repository you can go to the //.git/config file and adjust the remote path on your system to point to the correct repository.

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