Houdini Procedural Generation


Houdini Snowy Mountains


More demos to be described soon-ish. Current demos are under NDA, so I have to make new ones :)



Technical Art


Optical Flowmap Distortion Generator
Optical Distortion Flowmap Generator is a tool I wrote back in March 2017 as a part of an texture atlas tool I needed for VFX. It's written in Python and PyQt5. For more information you can check this page.


Rendering Engine in Python and OpenGL

To learn more about shaders and game engines in general, I've spent about a year of my spare time developing a rendering/game engine in Python and OpenGL. The journey took a long time, but I've managed to write Forward and Deferred Renderer supporting old diffuse-normal-spec workflow, extended reflections and full PBR rendering model. All of the shading models are switchable in real-time. Most of the important features like shadow mapping, improved SSAO, tone mapping, FXAA and Natural Bloom were implemented too.

This coresponding page is heavily under construction. Please check it out later.


Substance Designer Materials
This description and coresponding page is heavily under construction. Please check it out later.



If you are interested in technical skills, check out my LinkedIn Profile.

If you are interested in other art stuff or tests I made, checkout my ArtStation.

Pavel Krupala - Artstation

If you are interested in my old stuff dump or handpainted textures, checkout my DeviantArt.

Pavel Krupala - DeviantArt


To see my old VFX and other things, you can visit my Youtube channel. Some of the videos are listed below:

VFX Older Videos













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Pavel Křupala currently works as Technical Artist in the game industry and has huge passion for CG, especially Blender.

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