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Open Material Designer is an alternative for widely used Substance Designer.

This product is currently under heavy development. Stay tuned for more info!

Here are some screenshots of the functionality:


Change Log:

  • Added Distortion Node
  • Added Blur Node
  • Added Normal Node
  • Added Edge detect Node
  • Added Sharpen Node
  • Added Bricks Node generator
  • Added Bricks with Diamonds Node generator
  • Added Herringbone Bricks Node generator
  • Added displaying Node Comments + html support
  • Changed default edge color to brighter gray
  • Updated Levels Node widget, handles + sliders for ease of use
  • Added Undo / Redo on Properties UI
  • Fixed crash when tabbing on Properties Input Sliders (after the last one)
  • Fixed Integer Input Slider bad rounding of shown value
  • Improved support for multipass ping-pong rendering
  • Refactored Properties UI creation, Node caching and code, all current widgets: Level, ColorWheel, etc.
  • Added serialization for Resolution Widget with `keep aspect ratio` button
  • Output node thumbnail generation reworked
  • Updated to modernGL 5.6.0
  • Colored edges according to the sockets they are connected in
  • NodeEditor Snapping on sockets when holding CTRL key
  • NodeEditor Highlight on snapping sockets
  • Node comments displayed above nodes
  • Node outputs colorize socket according to the output type
  • Node inputs colorize socket according to the input type
  • Added Settings > Graph: Checkbox to enable/disable edge colorization for NodeEditors
  • Introduced Vec4 or Float Socket type (used in Blend and Levels)
  • Fixed 16b PNG passed to Blend node issue
  • Fixed some exceptions
  • Fixed invalid Image node outputs from fileversion: 1
  • Fixed update thread exception, when no response was received
  • Refactored properties panel
  • Added Output panel to Properties allowing to control output size, format and number of components/channels
  • Added possibility to export DDS files in Output Node
  • Added RGBA Split Node
  • Bugfixes and refactoring
  • Removed vec3 outputs, handling only RGBA and Grayscale
  • Removed temporary Noise Node
  • Added support for multipass rendering
  • Added Voronoi Distance, Cells, Worley and Lines noises
  • Added transparent background to 2D Preview
  • Added support for saving 16bit PNG outputs
  • Added Nodes Dock - categories
  • Added Nodes Dock - filtering
  • Added checking for updates dialog
  • Added Levels Node with Levels Editor
  • Added Gradient Editor widget and new Gradient Map node
  • Added possibility to import / export gradient map to text file, json file and CLUT image
  • Added change edge type with shortcut E
  • Histogram change is not spamming thread
  • Revisited handling alpha channels through all nodes
  • Fixed RGBA Merge node
  • Fixed F10 and F11 shortcuts
  • Fixed Nodes Dock layout 
  • Fixed evaluation of nodes when loaded
  • Fixed wrong offsets when copy pasting
  • Minor fixes in Color wheel
  • Added settings dialog
  • Added color wheel for selecting colors
  • Major nodes code refactoring
  • Fixed recursive node evaluation
  • Fixed noise output values clamped to 0-1 range
  • Fixed default layout without previous settings
  • Fixed thumbnail forced to L float16 output
  • "--debug" cmd parameter needed for extended info, otherwise it's hidden
  • Added Levels Node
  • Added Sentry
  • Added Shortcut 'E' for changing type of selected edges
  • 'F11' shortcut for rendering current preview texture asks for filename
  • Fixed overspamming histogram
  • Added livereload for shaders
  • Added realtime preview (useful for shaders using 'time')
  • Added Noise Node as a first preview
  • Switched to file version: 3
  • Finally fixed Qt's broken docking/undocking QOpenGLWidgets
  • Added GPU Memory meter for NVIDIA
  • Major refactoring
  • Moved to building with Python 3.7.4
  • Preview2D got toolbar with icons
  • Added support for 16 bit grayscale images
  • Added Gradient Node
  • Introduced file versioning
  • Added Histogram

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